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At Intown, we focus on cultivating a sense of community. Intown makes a strong commitment to our gymnasts and their families. We strive to create a welcoming place where people want to be. We have positive, educated and caring coaches that lead by example and teach our students to see the value in others and teach our staff to see others as partners in our collective work.

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Team Groups


The focus for our pre-team program is to prepare gymnasts, as well as parents, for the rigors of competitive gymnastics within a fun, supportive, challenging environment.  Competitive gymnastics requires a long-term financial, time and mental commitment to the sport and pre-teams ease the students and parents into that role.  The goal is for the student to understand the learning process of gymnastics-focusing on what skills are needed, how we execute them, and why we drill the skill.

Mighty Mites

The purpose of our Mighty Mites Program is to identify developmentally advanced, physically strong,  and highly coordinated preschool-kindergarten aged kids. Intown’s instructors guide them through the joys and essentials of gymnastics, with a focus on developing form, confidence, and discipline. Mighty mites provides a glimpse into the temperament of the child and allows coaches to assess the propensity for pre-competitive gymnastics at this age. 


Age Requirement:


Introductory requirements:

strength, unafraid of heights or going backwards, body awareness

Time Commitment:

3 hours/week

Team Prep

The purpose of our Team Prep program is to guide young gymnasts interested in gymnastics as a competitive career through the expectations, dedication, and discipline required to achieve those goals. Team prep is not a fast track, but the regimens created are at an accelerated pace with the execution phase being introduced. Lead coaches provide the tools to become healthy  competitive athletes in the future. 


Age Requirement:


Time Commitment:

4 hours/week

Team Stars

The purpose of our Team Stars Program is to prepare gymnasts for competition that may have only been in gymnastics for a short period of time or have not gone through our early age pre-team programs(mighty mites or team prep).  The regiment still has an emphasis on form, accuracy, and discipline, but athletes have the opportunity to challenge recreational advanced skills at a relaxed pace to allow space for other sports activities. The team stars program allows mobility from a recreational class mid-season with intentions of competing in one of our programs within the next year.

Age Requirement:


Time Commitment:

4 hours/week

Shooting Stars

The purpose of our Shooting Stars Program is to allow advanced recreational students to get introduced to team regimens, practice styles, and skills at an accelerated rate. The emphasis is on building shapes, strength and flexibility to help gymnasts get prepared for our gym stars or xcel programs over time. The learning and execution phase are delicately balanced to maintain athletes' love and excitement for the sport and long-term growth. 


Age Requirement:


Time Commitment:

3 hours/week



The women’s competitive gymnastics team requires a long-term financial, time, and mental commitment to the sport and are expected to be role models in our community.  These athletes compete at local, travel, state, regional, and national competitions. At Intown, we offer both the developmental (DEVO) program and the Xcel program.

Developmental Program

NGA 3  & USAG 4-10

The Developmental (DEVO) Program is the highest competitive route available to Youth Women’s Gymnastics ages 6-18 in the United States. Formerly known as the Junior Olympic Program, this avenue is best known for producing Division 1, 2 & 3 athletes as well as a number of National & Olympic Team Members for the nation. Athletes will begin with the Compulsory Levels (3-5) and later modulate to Optional Levels (6-10). Under the umbrella of USA Gymnastics, the DEVO program challenges its athletes, both physically and mentally, while also instilling lifelong traits of courage, perseverance, work ethic and a particular focus on attention to detail.

DEVO Program training consists of Fundamentals & Complexities on all four Apparatus: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam & Floor Exercise. Athletes will train in 4 major quarter cycles, with further focus on month-to-month Meso Cycles: Summer Training, Pre-Season, Competitive Season & Post – Season. During these various cycles, athletes are expected to be present at practices as much as possible in both the physical and mental sense in order to set goals with the intent of achievement in the areas of Strength, Flexibility, Skill Acquisition and Mental Prowess.


NGA L3/4 (feeder route to USAG Level 4)

USAG Level 4-10

Age Requirement:

Please see handbook page 13

(password required)

Time Commitment:

NGA 3/4: 9 -12 hours/week

 USAG 4/5: 14 hours/week

USAG 6/7: 16 hours/week

USAG 8/9/10: 16-20 hours/week

Xcel Teams

Silver, Gold, & Platinum

Xcel Teams:  The Xcel program was developed as an alternative competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of Xcel is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience. The program allows a wide choice in skills to meet requirements so selection may be based on an individual athlete's strengths.


Age Requirement:

Silver/Gold 8+

Platinum 9+

Time Commitment:

Silver 9 hours/week

Gold 12 hrs/week

Platinum 16 hrs/week


Intown offers light competitive teams to allow children to have the amazing experience of competitive gymnastics but with an emphasis on enjoying the experience more than focusing on results.  These athletes compete at local meets during the year, enjoy team bonding experiences, and practice just two days a week.


Xcel Bronze

The purpose of our Bronze Xcel Program is to ease gymnasts into competitive gymnastics with an emphasis on form, precision, and discipline introduced in our pre-team programs. The gymnasts will experience introductory competitive gymnastics in a supportive environment. 


l.  To allow the gymnasts and the parents to experience competitive gymnastics with minimal meets and a wider range of skill requirements. 

2. To prepare gymnasts for the rigors of a competitive team. Gymnasts move through the execution process at an accelerated pace, while provided the tools to become healthy, competitive athletes.


Age Requirement:


Time Commitment:

6-9 hours/week


The purpose of our NGA 2 team is to introduce DEVO track gymnastics skills and regiments at a pace suited for our youngest group of competitive kids. This team gets to experience the fun of competition while learning form, precision, and discipline that will kick start their DEVO track gymnastics career. The gymnasts will experience introductory competitive gymnastics in a supportive environment. 


l.  To allow the gymnasts and the parents to experience competitive gymnastics with minimal meets and a strict list of skill requirements. 

2. To find their love for competing and precision in gymnastics at a young age. 

3. Gymnasts focus on the learning process throughout the year, with higher execution expectations, while being provided the tools needed to become DEVO competitive athletes.


Age Requirement:


Time Commitment:

6-9 hours/week


The purpose of the Gymstars Team Program is to introduce competitive gymnastics without the rigorous and demanding requirements from nationally sanctioned programs. Gym stars competitions are fun, lighthearted, and focus on the experience of competitions more than the results. Gym stars allows gymnasts in late elementary- middle school ages to bond, grow, and explore a variety of sports if they like. 


Team Staff Leaders

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 9.20.57 PM.png
Ashley McCracken

Team Director/
Department Leader


Events, Coaching, billing, general team assignments,  and overall concerns or requests. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 9.21.18 PM.png
Taylor McClendon

Developmental Program Manager (Levels 3-10)

Periodization, practice scheduling, athletes progress, meet follow up, mobility, level questions or concerns. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 9.22.02 PM.png
Mykal Crew

Pre-Team Coordinator
(Mighty Mites, Team Prep, Xcel Bronze)

Scheduling, periodization, mobility, practice scheduling and athletes questions or concerns for the groups assigned. She is also over team evaluations and evaluation recommendations. 

Blurb about staff goes here, update ashley and shareefs photo

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 9.21.37 PM.png
Shareef Salahuddin

Xcel Head Coach

Information regarding athletes progress, assignments, and references to planning and mobility for gym stars and all xcel competitive gymnasts.


Creative Coordinator

Creates the individuality of the team and brings inspired creativity to all Team Events. Ginger creates unconventional and unique experiences that help cultivate original ideas. She also crafts unique solutions for our Team Program. 

Girls Team Gymnastics
Women's Competitive Gymnastics

The developmental (DEVO) program challenges its athletes, both physically and mentally, while also instilling lifelong traits of courage, perseverance, work ethic and a detailed focus on precision and form. The focus for Intown’s Xcel program is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience while also incorporating components of the DEVO training styles.

  • NGA3 

  • USAG 4/5   


  • USAG 6/7    

  • USAG 8/9/10   

  • Xcel Silver   


  • Xcel Gold   


  • Xcel Platinum

Team Levels & Practice Schedules
Team Schedule.png

Men's Competitive Gymnastics

Men’s gymnastics provides a fun and safe energy outlet for boys of any age, where strength and discipline are key factors.  Applying strength across six different apparatus will build confidence and test any young thrill-seekers, through the development of mobility, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.

Recreational & Pre Team

Level 1 - (Beginner)

For new athletes ready to start learning recreation gymnastics

1 hour per week

Level 2 - (Beginner) 

For new athletes who are interested in learning the sport of team gymnastics

3 hours per week

Preteam - (Intermediate)

requires an evaluation or invite. For athletes who intend on moving through our competitive program

4 hours per week

Boy's 8+ - (Intermediate)

For athletes who are not wanting to commit to our competitive program

1 hour per week


The purpose of our Boys Xcel program is to provide a place for older athletes who want to take the sport more seriously, a place where they can spend enough hours in the gym to truly progress in our sport. Athletes in this group can move into a competitive program but will typically skip the levels that are meant for younger boys and skip right into Level 7. We understand that some of these athletes do not necessarily have the desire to ever compete but we still want to have a place for them to get all the physical benefits of a more rigorous gymnastics training regiment. This group allows older athletes to train multiple hours a week surrounded by boys closer to their age and work on skills that are more advanced and age appropriate. The level will have a deeper focus on conditioning, tumbling and general athleticism that will help them in any additional sport that they may play. Boys Xcel is an invitation only program 

Age requirements:

11+ years of age

Time Commitment:

Practices are two days a week, two hours each. Xcel is a year round commitment so this group follows the team schedule.​

USAG Compulsory Levels 3-6

USAG Levels 3-6 Our men's competitive team starts with the compulsory program, compulsory meaning at competitions, athletes competing against each other will perform the same "compulsory" routines for their level. Each level follows a progression where the skills become more and more challenging and will prepare athletes to move  to the Optional levels. 

Age Requirement:


Time Commitment:

9-16 hours per week

USAG Optionals Levels 7-10

USAG Levels 7-10  In the "Optional" program athletes competing against each other will have the same general requirements but the composition of their routine is up to the individual and their coach so the routines they compete will be based on the skills they can safely perform. 

Age Requirement:


Time Commitment:

16-20 hours per week

mens progression ladder.png
Tyler Green

Men's Gymnastics Program Manager

Tyler has been heavily involved in gymnastics for the past 16 years. He is the President of the Georgia Judges Association and founder of the Georgia Untied Collegiate Gymnastics Team. Tyler brings his energy and enthusiasm to every practice encouraging every athlete to get as much as possible out of each workout.

Aaron Mitchell

Men's Gymnastics Coordinator

Coach Aaron is a fun, yet firm and personable gymnastics instructor. Being a former gymnast himself, he understands the importance of skill building, discipline, work ethic and most of all, how to have fun. Aaron, is also a personal trainer and enjoys building peoples confidence and health through exercise. 

Akio Davis

Men's Gymnastics Coach

Coach Akio's infectious energy makes training in his classes an absolute blast! He is a former power tumbler and an aspiring stunt man. Akio's main goal is to establish and build great relationships for people who share a genuine interest and passion with sports and physical fitness.

Staff Leaders

Each Intown team and program consists of assistant coaches, lead coaches and head coaches, followed by program managers. 

  • Assistant coaches do not coach at every practice, they event coach or help lead coaches and act as an additional set of eyes to increase productivity.

  • Lead coaches are present at all practices and help facilitate the lesson plans created by head coaches.

  • Head coaches are responsible for the periodization and lesson planning for all events, strength, flexibility and basics for large, they oversee evaluations and skill progression charts and are always present at competitions for the teams they head.

If you would like to discuss your gymnast’s progression and how practices are going, please reach out to the head coach for your gymnast’s team. If you would like to discuss something outside the scope of this, please contact the program manager.


Do I need a membership to compete? 

Intown Stars is affiliated with USAG, NGA, and AAU. The level and competitive team will determine which type of membership you will need. Guardians are responsible for purchasing memberships for their competitive athletes.


What is the time commitment you expect from me?

Competitive teams are a year long commitment, beginning in June and ending in May at the conclusion of all competitive seasons. Summer training hours are usually more than school year hours.


What is the financial commitment?

Being part of a competitive team consists of two financial aspects. The first is tuition, which is charged monthly. The number of hours of training per week, based on level, determines the tuition fees. Please expect an annual tuition increase each June.


The second financial aspect is meet and competition fees. These fees are assessed annually and will be billed in installments. These fees cover the cost of competitions, apparel and events. The range for meet fees is $1500-$2250.

Want to join our team?


If you are interested in joining Intown’s  competitive team as a competitive gymnast,  please review the information here

boys competitive gymnastics

Access our Team Gymnastics Parents Handbook, Team Meet Schedules, Membership Tutorial, Tuition Assistance Form, Group Me Invite, Practice Schedule, & Team Fees.


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