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NinjaZone at Intown Stars! NinjaZone is a fusion of obstacle course training, gymnastics, parkour, and character-building. These programs are the foundation of whole-body movement and the mind-body connection. Find a Ninja class time!

A progressive level system evaluates and advances children in their skill and knowledge of core values as described in the NinjaZone creed. Children build strength, agility, and learn at their own pace in each ninja class.

NinjaZone ninja Boy, Intown Stars Gymnastics
NinjaZone ninja kicks in the air, Intown Stars Gymnastics

The levels of NinjaZone are identifiable by a color system shown on the NinjaZone uniform (headband and shirt). With the use of Ninja & Gymnastics equipment, ninjas will explore skills through progressions and practice. Each ninja class goals include - enhanced listening skills, boosted confidence, readiness to try new things, and foundational character-building concepts which can be carried both inside and outside the gym.


NinjaZone ninja white level, Intown Stars Gymnastics
NinjaZone ninja yellow level, Intown Stars Gymnastics
NinjaZone green level, Intown Stars Gymnastics
NinjaZone blue level, Intown Stars Gymnastics
NinjaZone purple level, Intown Stars Gymnastics
NinjaZone coach, Intown Stars Gymnastics
NinjaZone Intown Stars Gymnastics.jpg


NinjaZone at Intown Stars Gymnastics are the coolest classes happening this year! Enroll your child today in our NinjaZone classes to experience the hottest sport sweeping the nation. At the end of the class, your child will be ready to show off their official sick ninja moves and have more confidence than when they started!

NinjaZone girl jump, Intown Stars Gymnastics
NinjaZone ninja kid jump Intown Stars Gymnastics
NinjaZone Ninja uniform Intown Stars Gymnastics

Ninjas, in an effort to promote discipline and unity, Ninja Sports International requires uniforms for all NinjaZone classes.

NinjaZone uniforms are available for purchase at the Hospitality Desk.

All Ninjas are required to wear their Ninja Uniform (level-specific headband and shirt) to each class. This is to not only promote a team and peer bond but to encourage self-responsibility, the last line of our mantra!

50 Minute Class | Great for Girls and Boys

NinjaZone boys crossed hands, Intown Stars Gymnastics.png


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