Tumbling is sometimes referred to as floor gymnastics. This class focuses solely on floor gymnastics skills. This class is great for students interested in cheer as cheer requires experience in tumbling. This class is also great for anyone interested in learning acrobatics of any kind. Students can look forward to learning stunts like rolls, handsprings, tucks, and so much more.


*Our classes run congruent with the school year August through May.

*A student may enroll for a class at any time during the year.

f a class is full, be sure to add yourself to the waitlist. As soon as we have more than three students on the waitlist, we open a new class!
*All classes are billed monthly on the 3rd of each month. Recreational classes half off in December & May. Any late payments will incur a $25 late fee. 


*We offer a 10% sibling discount on all of our classes. 
*There is an annual $45 membership fee due when you sign up for your child's first class.
It applies to the entire family for one year.

*Tuition includes one class per week from August through May.

*Currently registering for 2022-23 School Year Session August 8th-May 14th

*If you are unsure what class to register your child for, please sign up for open gym and request an evaluation. Open Gym is every Sunday from 3pm-6pm.  Pre-registration through the parent portal is required. CLICK HERE to pre-register.


Beginner level classes are for students coming out of Sweet Peas or Gym Bugs programs or with no prior experience in the sport. Students will work to build the foundations of tumbling, including strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. All while building confidence within themselves. Students in the beginner tumbling class will work through a wide range of skills from forward rolls to back walkovers.


Intermediate/Advanced level is for students who have mastered the beginner tumbling skills and have a back walkover and a front walkover. Students in this class will continue to refine their basic tumbling skills while also learning higher level tumbling skills from handsprings through twisting.

Adult Tumbling classes are for anyone 18 and older who wants to learn or refine their tumbling skills. This class includes a wide range of skill level and individualized instruction.


Tumbling Clinics


Our clinics are a great way for our students to increase the intensity of their training on a particular skill. Each clinic will focus on a particular skill or two related skills and provide drills and strengthening activities to help students achieve their goals. New skills are learned through repetition and our clinics provide this opportunity. Clinics are 1hr long at $40. Back Handspring clinics are 1.5 hrs at $59.

Clinics are offered on Sundays at 1:00pm starting September 11th. Pre-registration is required through the parent portal. Registration closes the day before each clinic so please register ahead of time.