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At Intown Stars we offer a variety of tumbling classes. Whether you are a gymnast looking to advance your floor skills, an aspiring cheerleader wanting to learn your backhandspring, or you just want to learn how to flip and twist like a tricker, we have a class for you!

Tumblng Classes
Find the Right Tumbling Class for You

We pride ourselves in partnering with our parents so that we can offer each family the best experience possible. We offer a unique way for parents to stay connected to their child's progress through Skill Tracker. This system allows coaches to update student skill progress and send updates to parents monthly through email. Please be sure to subscribe to receive emails so you can get monthly updates on your student's progress.

Not sure what level to sign your child up for? Sign up for a gymnastics or tumbling evaluation! Click HERE for more info!

*If a class is full, be sure to add yourself to the waitlist. We will reach out to you via email as soon as a spot becomes available. 


Tumbling refers to the powerful execution of acrobatic movements seen in gymnastics such as rolls, twists, handsprings, and tucks on floor. Unlike most other disciplines in gymnastics, tumbling does not involve the use of apparatuses.

Beginner level is for students coming out of Sweet Peas or Gym Bugs programs or with no prior experience in the sport. Students will work to build the foundations of tumbling, including strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility all while building confidence within themselves. Students in the beginner tumbling class will work through a wide range of skills from forward rolls to back walkovers.

Intermediate level is for students who have mastered the beginner tumbling skills and have a back walkover and a front walkover. Students in this class will continue to refine their basic tumbling skills while also learning higher level tumbling skills from handsprings through aerials.

Advanced level is for students who have mastered the intermediate tumbling skills and have back and front handsprings. Students in this class will continue to refine their intermediate tumbling skills while also learning higher level tumbling skills from tucks through twisting.

Adult Tumbling is for anyone 18 and older who wants to learn or refine their tumbling skills. This class includes a wide range of skill level and individualized instruction.


Cheer tumbling and stunting is a team discipline that combines acrobatic movements such as tumbling, jumps, stunts, pyramids, and dance on floor with a focus on timing, synchronization, and precision.

Beginner level is for athletes who have never done cheerleading before. This class will introduce the foundational aspects of cheerleading with a specific focus on strength training/conditioning and proprioception. Athletes in Cheer Basics will learn body positions & motions, 8-counts, transitions, rudimentary jumps, and basic partner stunting at ground & knee level.


Tumbling Skills of Focus: Forward/Backward Rolls, Handstand, Cartwheel, Round off, Bridge Kickover


Intermediate level This class is for athletes who have already had some experience with cheer or gymnastics, or who mastered the skills required for Cheer Basics. Athletes will expand on more complex motions and transition sequences, and will begin to connect jumps, tumbling, and jumps to tumbling series. Additionally, this group will begin stunting at belly level & prep level (hands at chest).
Tumbling Skills of Focus: Front/Back Walkover, Round off to jumps, Front/Back Handspring, Round off-Back Handspring, Round off-Back Handspring series

Advanced - This class is a culmination of all the skills mastered in Beginner & Intermediate. Athletes will learn the most complex jumps and series, and will expand on motions through dance. Additionally, athletes will begin stunting at extension level (hands above head), creating pyramids, and throwing basket tosses. All of the skills learned in this class will be consolidated into a Cheerleading routine for the end of the year showcase.

Tumbling Skills of Focus: Standing Back Handspring series, Front/Back Tuck, Round off-Back Handspring-Tuck, Front Handspring-Tuck, Standing Back Handspring-Tuck

ntown Stars Tricking classes passionately teaches students stunning kicks, flips, and twists in a fun and safe environment. Martial arts tricking functions on an off-axis arrangement of movement that is visually impressive by design. Tricking grants the opportunity to challenge oneself in performing technical skills and transitions while simultaneously offering a rewarding sense of accomplishment each step of the way. This program welcomes complete beginners and experienced trickers alike.


Beginner Tricking: 

this class will introduce foundational elements of tricking including vertical kicking, tricks on the inverted axis, tricks on the horizontal axis, variations, and transitions. This course will also incorporate supplemental materials including stretching, strengthening exercises, and tumbling to compliment students’ tricking capabilities. We offer four separate beginner classes, which only differ in age and times.

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