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Aerial Silks combines the grace and fluidity of dance with the power and acrobatics of gymnastics. This sport challenges the body and mind, requiring not only physical strength, but also critical thinking to fully understand and master the skills. Starting at age 8, we offer 50 minute classes that focus on 4 different skillsets; Beginner Basics, Foot-Locks, Hip-Keys, and Drops.


Ages: 8years-Adult

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Aerial Classes

We pride ourselves in partnering with our parents so that we can offer each family the best experience possible. We offer a unique way for parents to stay connected to their child's progress through Skill Tracker. This system allows coaches to update student skill progress and send updates to parents monthly through email. Please be sure to subscribe to receive emails so you can get monthly updates on your student's progress.

If you would like to be evaluated for boys gymnastics, aerial silks, or dance, please email to be directed to the correct person.

*Our classes run congruent with the school year August through May.

*A student may enroll for a class at any time during the year.


*If a class is full, be sure to add yourself to the waitlist. We will reach out to you via email as soon as a spot becomes available. 

*All classes are billed monthly on the 3rd of each month. Recreational classes half off in December & May. Any late payments will incur a $25 late fee. 

*We offer a 10% sibling discount on all of our classes. 

*There is an annual membership fee ("Anniversary Fee") due when you sign up for your child's first class. It applies to the entire household for one year.


Beginner Basics classes are for all new students to the aerial program. This class introduces students to the importance of a proper warm-up and cool-down, builds strength and flexibility, and acclimates students to the apparatus. Students will learn how to safely climb and support their body on the fabric. Successful completion of this class is required before moving to the the other skillsets.

Aerial Foot Lock

Foot-Lock classes focus on skills that require either a single or double foot-lock. This skillset relies heavily on shaping, balance, and flexibility. Students will explore many elegant poses and develop superior aerial awareness. Completion of Beginner Basics required.

Hip-Key classes are all about hip-keys and the skills and wraps they lead to. This series of skills require exceptional core strength and comfortability inverting. Students will start to incorporate spinning, on purpose, into their practice. Completion of Beginner Basics required.

Aeria Hip Key
Aerial Drop

Drop classes require successful completion of the other three skillsets. With many drops having different styles of entrances, students must be very versatile in their studies. Aerial endurance is key as the students build anticipation leading up to their powerful drops. Completion of Foot-Lock and Hip-Key required.

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