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Fun Starts Here – Benefits Last a Lifetime


Lil Kickers at Intown Stars is a child development soccer program for toddler to preschool kids ages 2 - 5 years that teaches basic skills through fun, creative, and energetic games! You can step onto the field of any of our Lil Kickers classes and you will find it has been transformed into a world just for your child to learn the basics and fundamentals of soccer in a creative, high energy and age appropriate environment.  Not only is this program a great introduction to soccer but also an engaging way to work on developmental milestones and social skills. 

*If a class is full, be sure to add yourself to the waitlist. We will reach out to you via email as soon as a spot becomes available. 

Parkour Classes

Lil stars classes are 30 minutes long and require adult participation. These classes are  specially designed for children between the ages of 12 and 24 months who are walking or close to walking.

 The purpose of the class is discovery. Together, coaches and parents will guide that discovery and help children build basic skills such as balance, coordination and socialize them within a group dynamic so they can develop confidence, learn how to follow directions, and strengthen the parent-child relationship.

Each activity is geared toward how children at this age learn with repetition being the crucial element. Coaches walk around the field to provide individualized attention. 

Lil Stars
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The Meteors curriculum is designed to build fundamental skills such as balance, coordination, and ball-kicking skills. 

The 50 minute classes will include highly creative games that spark the imagination, engage the kids, and promote learning. Repetition remains an important part of learning in this age group so there are four lesson plans that will repeat throughout the session. While the individual lesson plans will include the same games played in the same sequence, an element of progression will be added each week a lesson plan is used.

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Comets classes are 50 minutes long and require adult participation. The coach facilitates the activities and helps the class transition from one game to the next. Adults act as role models to help their child participate in the activities and keep them on task as much as possible.


Each class will be filled with activities that focus on helping children achieve their developmental milestones while building fundamental physical skills. Balance, coordination, listening skills and social skills will be of prime concern. Sensory learning and repetition continue to be important elements in teaching at this age so they will be incorporated into each lesson plan.


Asteroids classes build fundamental social, cognitive, and physical skills in three and four-year-olds. As in all Lil’ Kickers classes, Asteroids meets the child where they are developmentally which means this class is fun, fast-paced, and taps into the child’s imagination. We use highly creative games to capture their attention so they can develop overall coordination, balance, and strength and build teamwork, cooperation, listening, and of course, soccer skills.

Each week these 50 minute classes will work on a specific area of focus. What parents will see is the development of a budding soccer player. What the children will gain are essential life skills that translate into a high self-esteem, becoming team players, school readiness, and strong physical capabilities.

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Super Nova classes are designed to physically, emotionally, and socially prepare children for team soccer. Creative, fun activities are combined with non-competitive scrimmages to teach players fundamental skills as well as help them develop an understanding of the team concept.

Our priority is to make learning fundamental soccer skills as much fun as possible while also helping players to develop a strong sense of teamwork. Classes will include approximately 30 minutes of instruction and 20 minutes of scrimmaging. While overall fundamentals are consistently being taught, there will be a specific area of focus each week.

Super Nova
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