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Our mission: Kids Like it Here!

Intown Stars is an exciting and challenging place to work!

We love learning and are focused on developing leaders in our staff and our community. 

We train our staff and operate our business using our Five Core Values:  
Growth | Courage | Excellence | Fun | Community

We are in hiring mode 24/7. Check out our career opportunities!


Do you have a teenager who is interested in coaching?


We have a coach-in-training program just for them. ​They will study the fundamental aspects of the sport of gymnastics, gain leadership skills through class instruction, and shadow coaches with a decade or more of experience coaching beyond their own gymnastics careers. 


The program teaches skills through in-class shadowing, quarterly in-house training, NGA/USAG-sponsored training at other gyms, and apprenticeship under a seasoned coach.

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Our 5 Core Values


We are always growing our gym, and growing ourselves, and learning through the process. We value mistakes as part of the process, create a safe space for students and staff alike to make mistakes, celebrate them, and learn from them.


We are afraid of new and scary things, and we believe that we can succeed anyway. We succeed on purpose. Our students and our staff are encouraged to try new things, be uncomfortable, be afraid, and do them anyway. We encourage our students and our staff to speak out and speak up for others and themselves for what is right and good, even if the idea of doing so scares them.


We work hard and do things well and in a timely manner. We respect the work and we respect each other. We are always professional in our work and our relationships. We follow through on our commitments to ourselves and to each other. When things are hard, we are solutions-oriented and find ways to make it happen.


We are lighthearted, don't take ourselves too seriously, create ways for fun to happen, and find humor in our journey together.


We create a welcoming place where people want to be. We respect one another, even if we disagree. We are honest with our feedback, strong with our personal boundaries, and kind with our words.


  •  Hire for character and culture fit, teach the skills.

  • Don’t confuse potential with ability.

  • We shall go short-staffed before we are poorly staffed.

  • Be in hiring mode 24/7/365

  • Let go of good. Hold out for great. “A” managers hire “A” employees. “B” managers hire “C” employees.

  • When in doubt, don’t hire.

  • Train and lead in a manner so you can hire and promote from within. In this way, we intentionally create our own culture.

  • When you realize a hiring mistake, act swiftly. Your duty is to do the greatest good for the greatest number.

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