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If you have a question that hasn't been answered below, reach out via our contact form below or email

How do I enroll for a program at Intown Stars? 

You may register for all of our programming on our Parent Portal here. Should you need any assistance with registration, please email us at


How do I know which level my child should be? 
If your child does not have any prior experience, please enroll him/her in a beginner class.
Our Sweet Peas Preschool gymnastics classes are age-based for ages 12 months to 4 years. All other recreational classes for children ages 6+ are based on age and skill.   

If your child has some class experience and you feel they are more advanced, you may sign up for an evaluation here.  Evaluations are for new Intown Stars families ONLY or families who are not currently enrolled in a recreational gymnastics class. 
Do you offer trial classes?
We do not offer trial classes to protect our student-to-coach ratios.In this way we ensure the best experience for students and coaches. However, the student or family may observe any class at any time from our observation lounge or upstairs parent lounge. 

Why do you charge a membership fee? 
Our annual membership fee (also called an Anniversary Fee in the parent portal) is the administrative fee that supports our Hospitality staff to provide our customers with world-class customer service.  The fee covers enrollment, billing, and payment support, as full-time customer support 7 days a week, calendar and website accuracy, our monthly members newsletter, maintaining our cozy and welcoming Parent Observation lounge, pleasant music and aromatherapy throughout the gym, free high-speed Wi-Fi, and administrative support to all of our programming staff and programs, including our super-popular drop-in child care. 

The membership fee applies to the entire family for the year. 

We are happy to waive the anniversary fee for your first special event (either Tumble Time, Parent Night Out, Open Gym or Adult Open Gym) . We love to give our families the opportunity to try it out first. When you sign up for your second event or one of our classes the anniversary fee is applied.
How do I pay the tuition? 
Tuition is charged on the first of each month, from August through May and is auto-debited from a credit card on file. Tuition covers 10 months of classes, and is determined - not by the number of classes in a month - but by the number of classes in a full year's session. The total cost for all classes is divided into 10 months of payments. Some months have more than 4 classes and some have less than 4, however each month's tuition is the same. In December and May, tuition is cut by 50% for the convenience of our families. 

Every family must have a valid credit card on file to participate in classes. 


Do you offer makeup classes? 
We do not offer makeup classes because we protect our student-to-coach ratios to ensure the best experience for students and coaches. If a student misses a class or practice, they are welcome to attend our Open Gym or Tumble Time. Students ages 6 and above may enroll for Open Gym here. Students under 6 may enroll for Tumble Time here

Please NOTE: We have updated our policies and no longer offer free Open Gym or Tumble Time to make up a missed class. 
What if I need to switch classes?
We understand. Sometimes scheduling needs change throughout the year and we are happy to accommodate as long as there are openings in the other desired class. Moving to a different class should be minimized for the sake of consistency for the student, classmates, and coach. 

Simply email, and request a class transfer with the following information:
Child’s Name
Child’s Current Class
Class for Request to Switch Into
What is your cancellation policy?
Our motto is “Kids like it here” and we hope yours will too and will stick with it!  However, in the event of an injury or if your schedule no longer permits making a weekly class, we are happy to accommodate. We require an email notification to drop your student at the end of the current month.

Please let us know before the 1st of the next month and before we run tuition. If we receive the  request for a drop after the 1st of the month, we will add the drop date for the end of that month.

PLEASE NOTE: Intown has a strict no-refund policy. Outside of extenuating circumstances, we will provide credits to the family's account.  
Can I stay to watch the class?
Absolutely! We have two cozy, welcoming parent observation areas for you to enjoy, complete with music, free high speed WiFI, and even child care for siblings! The upstairs Parent Lounge is reserved for adults only. The downstairs observation area is for children and parents. 

We require that parents of all children under 6 remain at the gym during class. Parents and siblings may not be on the floor at any time. 
How do I know if my child is ready to move on to a more challenging class? 
When your child is ready to move on to a more challenging class you will be notified by the coach. The coach will send home a “Movin' on up” card that will tell you their recommendation. You are also able to track your student's progressions through the parent portal under “skill tracker.”  We do evaluations twice per year, in December and May. We ask that students remain in their class until these evaluations are done and space in other classes open up. 

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