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If you have a question that hasn't been answered below, reach out via our contact form below or email

How can I register my child for classes?

You can register one of three different ways:


  1. Click on the parent portal on the upper left of the screen > bookings > find a class > sort classes by age, day, time, etc. > select a class and add it to your cart > proceed through the checkout process. You may also learn more about our programs and classes here on the website by choosing from one of the programs listed on the drop-down under PROGRAMS above or on CLASSES.

  2. Contact our Hospitality Team CLICK HERE


How can I put my child on a waitlist?

You can register for waitlists in three different ways:


  1. Click on the parent portal on the upper left of the screen > bookings > find a class > sort classes by age, day, time, etc. > select a class and add it to your cart > proceed through the checkout process. Parents can join as many waitlists as they would like. Parents are not charged for waitlist enrollments until a spot opens up in a class for them.

  2. Contact our Hospitality Team CLICK HERE


How will gymnastics benefit my child? 

Gymnastics provides many great benefits.  Aside from the increased muscular strength, flexibility, and balance, your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem will also be given a boost while having an opportunity to work on and develop social skills.


How do I know what level to start my child? 

If your child does not have any prior gymnastics experience, please enroll him/her in a beginner class. If your child has some gymnastics class experience and you are unsure what level to enroll your child, please attend one of our open gym sessions and your student can be evaluated. Ages 12 months to 4 years old will be in our Sweet Peas classes. 5+ will attend class based on age and skill.   


Do you offer trial classes before enrolling?

We do not offer trial classes because we protect our student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1 or 10:2 to ensure the best experience for students and coaches. For this reason, we are not able to offer a class to someone not enrolled. However, a family can observe any class at any time, and we are confident that the child will love the class.  If you enroll and change your mind, you may request to withdraw from the class. To unenroll from the class, we require written notice, typically in the form of an email to We will drop your student from the class at the end of the current month. 

Can I try out Tumble Time/Open Gym/Parents' Night Out?

Is this your first time visiting our new location? Skip pre-registration and come try us out! Speak with our Hospitality team when you arrive, and we will take care of registering you for your first visit by waiving our annual membership fee. This will give your family the chance to fall in love with our gym before becoming one of our valued members.


Is the tuition a monthly fee? 

You must keep an active credit card on file with us while your child is in class or on a waitlist. Tuition is billed monthly on the 1st of the month. There is a $25 late fee added on the 10th of the month for anyone whose tuition doesn’t process. There is no charge for being on a waitlist, but our waitlisted families must stay subscribed to our emails and keep a card on file. Our classes run for a full school year session from August through May, as well as a summer session during June and July. You may request to drop a class at any time by emailing Your student will be dropped from the class at the end of the current month. 

What does my child wear to gymnastics class?

We ask that children wear clothing that will allow for a full range of motion; avoiding buttons, snaps, and zippers. We sell leotards but it is not a requirement. A T-shirt and shorts or sweats are fine. Clothing must be age appropriate and fully cover the midriff– if it does not, we have t-shirts available in the pro shop.


All participants must have their own water bottles with them at all times. We sell them at the front desk for $1. Students must sanitize their hands before and after class.


During participation in a gymnastics class, shoes and socks come off. However, for Parkour classes, shoes are worn. Please make sure all long hair is pulled back into a ponytail to keep hair out of the eyes/face while participating in class. Be sure to take off any jewelry.


What happens if I miss a class? 

We offer Open Gym on Sundays for free as an opportunity to make up any missed time in the gym. This is included in the price of tuition for any currently enrolled students.


To register for Open Gym as a make-up:

  1. Send us an email to with the following info:

    1. Child’s Name

    2. Date of Missed Class

    3. Open Gym Date you would like to attend


Note: Open Gym makeups must be scheduled AFTER the class is missed.


We do not offer makeup classes because we protect our student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1 or 10:2 to ensure the best experience for students and coaches. 


How much does it cost to switch classes?

It does not cost anything to switch classes. Sometimes scheduling needs to change throughout the year and we are happy to accommodate as long as there are openings in the other desired class, though moving classes should be minimized for the sake of consistency for the gymnast. Simply email, and request a class transfer with the following information:

  • Child’s Name

  • Child’s Current Class

  • Class for Request to Switch Into


What is your cancellation policy?

Our motto is “Kids like it here” and we hope yours will too and will stick with it!  However, in the event of an injury or if your schedule no longer permits making a weekly class, we are happy to accommodate. We will drop your student at the end of the current month with a written request from you, usually in the form of an email. Please let us know before the 1st of the next month and before tuition is run. Any request for a drop that we receive after tuition has been run on the 3rd of the month will be processed for the end of that month.


Can I stay to watch the class?

We ask that the parents of our 3- and 4-year-olds stay. At this time we are reserving our parent observation area for these kindergym parents. We are asking that all other students be dropped off in the front and picked up in the back. However, we would never prevent parents from entering the gym. For safety purposes, we ask that parents and siblings stay off the floor at all times.


How do I know if my child is ready to move on to a more challenging class? 

When your child is ready to move on to a more challenging class you will be notified by the coach. The coach will send home a “Movin' on up” card that will tell you their recommendation. You are also able to track your student's progressions through the parent portal under “skill tracker.”  This may occur mid-session, between sessions or at the end of the year. Every child progresses at a different rate.

Parents' Night Out FAQs

  • Is food served at Parents' Night Out events? 
    Yes, we provide snacks and dinner for the kids. (Juicebox, Fruit Snack, water, and Pirate's Booty for snack, and pizza for dinner)

  • What should my kids bring with them? 
    They should bring any "comfort items" i.e. blankets, stuffed animals, etc. They should also pack a water bottle (extra or preferred snack optional).

  • Are there planned activities? 
    Yes! We give the kids gym time, an art activity, the option to skate or play an alternative game or sport, and we show a movie.

  • Is there a lot of open play?
    We give the kids an hour and a half of Open Gym time, and they have the option to return to the gym floor once they have finished dinner. 

  • What's the ratio of kids to coaches? 
    We observe the standard company ratios of 12 kids:1 coach

Electronic Communication and Social Media Policy

INTOWN STARS is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for all, and to ensuring that it promotes an environment free of misconduct. Therefore, the following Policy has been adopted regarding the electronic communications of all INTOWN STARS personnel.


  •  Social media and electronic communications (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, texts, emails, blogs and web postings) provide an opportunity for misconduct to occur. Therefore, INTOWN STARS does not permit individual or private communication from coaches, staff, volunteers and administrators to gymnasts via these communication media.

  •  All e-mails, texts, and posts must be professional and related solely to the INTOWN STARS activities or events.

  • All coaches, staff, volunteers and administrators are to distribute electronic and mobile communications to gymnasts openly and publicly, with a copy to the parents transmitted simultaneously.

  • Coaches, staff, volunteers and administrators shall not ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ any gymnasts or his/her parent, nor allow friending, following or the equivalent from a gymnast or parent on any personal social media account. Gymnasts and parents may only engage with an official INTOWN STARS page or account.

  • No private information regarding the INTOWN STARS or any of its gymnasts may be distributed in any format.

  • Parents and guardians have the right to request that their child not be contacted in any form of electronic communications. All such requests will be honored.

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