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Welcome to KidSpace: Intown Star’s Summer Camp! We are excited to bring you a new, out-of-this-world program driven by our motto “The Body Follow the Mind,” with a goal to help facilitate growth for each camper in their social and emotional health. We use big fun and intentional moments to foster an experience that will have a lasting impact on each camper.

Intown's Summer Camp provides a healthy balance of structure and free play in an uplifting, screen-free environment. Children will enjoy supervised free play on our state-of-the-art equipment, roller skating, creating high-quality art projects, finding cozy spots for quiet time and reading, and playing super fun games - indoors and out! But most importantly, they'll spend quality time with our fantastic KidSpace staff. 

KidSpace allows children to explore a variety of healthy activities, be with other children, experience positive interactions with loving grownups, and enjoy themselves while they're away from home. 

Our Summer Camp is rooted in Growth Mindset, a positive and empowering psychology developed by Stanford Researcher and Professor of Psychology, Carol Dweck, PhD. Growth is one of Intown Stars’ five core values - it is based on Dr. Dweck’s book, Mindset.

Camper Experience

On day 1, campers will be greeted by our superstar staff.


They’ll find their “constellation” group–around 12 campers of similar age and gender–and meet their amazing counselor and new friends. 


We start each day with an icebreaker where campers start building unity within their constellation. Then, they'll crack open their personal journal (the Big Life Journal from their swag bag) and uncover a daily growth theme. 


After a little get-to-know-you, the groups will rotate through six stations to enjoy some free play, counselor-led large group games, and other fun with other campers. Campers will be provided two snacks daily, and will eat a packed lunch from home with their groups.  


Daily at 2 p.m. is time for a big, camp-wide event! From counselor fashion shows and water Olympics, to field days and a whole lot more, the whole community will come together and have fun. On Friday, all of the constellations will participate in a Final Showcase–their opportunity to creatively illustrate their unique experience of camp. We’ll wrap up the week with awards and celebrate with special treats!


We hope campers will leave with new friends and a week they'll never forget.

Parent/Guardian Experience

On the first day of camp, parents will walk their camper through the check-in process. Here they’ll get to meet the director, receive information about the week, and meet our nurse (yes, we’ll have a nurse on staff!). After the first day, parents will have the option to do a drive-through check-in process, so they won’t have to leave their car if they’re in a rush!


Every day, parents will receive daily pictures of their kids in action.  We use an app called Waldo to help you be a part of your kids’ experience. We know kids aren’t always eager to tell their parents what they did each day! Campers will bring home their Growth Mindset Journal daily, so parents have an opportunity to get a peek into their unique experience.  


In addition to the daily pictures, parents and campers will get to enjoy our weekly highlight video! We’re hoping to capture as many magical moments as we can around camp each week to include in this reel–which is why we’re hiring a dedicated media coordinator.


The full policy and procedures will be included in our parent handbook and shared with registered families beginning in March. We hope that our parents will feel a part of the camp process and be able to tell stories about the fun their kid had at Intown Stars for years to come.

Camp Experience
8:30 AM
Camper Arrival
Parent check-in and staff introductions
9:00 AM
Growth Mindset Activity
Groups will discuss our Growth Mindset focus for the day.
9:30 AM
Opening Ceremony
A fun introduction for the day with the entire camp
10:00 AM
SouthSide Gym Fun
Trampolines, Foam Pits, Parkour Course, Spring Floors, Fort Building, Floor is Lava, and more
11:00 AM
Snack Time!
Campers will eat their first snack
11:15 AM
Outside Play and Roller Skating!
Roller Skating, Tumbling, Gaga, Soccer, Hockey, Big Wheels, and more
12:15 PM
Packed Lunch
Campers should come with their own packed lunch daily
12:45 PM
KidSpace Play: Inner and Outer Space
Outside or Inside Play! Jungle Gym, Hammock Village, Arts & Crafts, Games, Puzzles, Trains, Legos, STEAM, Stage Performance, Reading
1:45 PM
Snack Time!
We will provide a healthy snack for your camper
2:00 PM
Special All-Camp Event
The entire camp is a part of a huge fun camp or performance! counselor fashion shows, fort building competitions, field days, & more!
3:30 PM
Growth Mindset Debreif Activity
Groups will discuss will debrief our Growth Mindset goals from the day
4:00 PM
Parent Pickup
Parent Pickup will start at 4:00 pm till 4:30 pm. Limited 5pm pickup to be announced in the coming months.
Sample Schedule
# of Days
Early Bird Price
May 30 - June 2
2 - Field Trip Week!**
June 5 - 9
June 12 - 16
June 20 - 23
June 26 - 30
July 5 - 7
July 10 - 14
July 17 - 21
July 24 - 28

*The early bird gets the worm! The first 100/week to register will receive our special price. Daily Rates are available for $130/day.  

**We're planning super fun, daily field trips around the Atlanta area this week for campers ages 7+ (due to transportation regulations). Once we receive confirmation from vendors, we will be able to provide details on specific locations. 

Dates & Rates

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child old enough for camp at Intown?
 Our camps are for children ages 5 through 12. We cannot make exceptions for children under age 5 due to state restrictions. If your camper is 4 now but will turn 5 by camp, email or call hospitality and they can process your enrollment.

How will you address health concerns, medications, allergies, etc.? 
  We will have a camp nurse on site every day. We are currently vetting the perfect candidate for this position.  They will ensure the safety and health of all of our children and staff on site.


Are gymnastics/parkour/dance classes included?

Instructional classes are not a part of the KidSpace program but can be added starting at 4:30 each afternoon. KidSpace will be focused on freedom and choice for each child. They will get to play on our gymnastic equipment, but for skill-based instruction, you’ll want to sign up for our rec classes. We will bring all kids signed up for classes to their coaches daily.  Sign up for classes here.

What is "Field Trip Week?"

We're planning super fun, daily field trips around the Atlanta area this week for campers ages 7+ (due to transportation regulations). Once we receive confirmation from vendors, we will be able to provide details on specific locations.  Only the deposit is due on sign-up ($130), and the remaining balance will be charged on June 3rd. 

What does my child need to bring to camp? 
   Each camper must bring a lunch and a water bottle daily, and should wear active clothes (no leotards) and close-toed shoes (no Crocs). Please label everything your child brings.

What is the staff-to-camper ratio?

Campers enjoy a 12-1 ratio within their groups. We will have additional staff including a nurse, program coordinator, program manager, and others to help daily. Small groups allow coaches and campers to get to know each other throughout the camp.

What is your cancellation policy?

A non-refundable deposit of $130 is required upon registration. You may switch sessions until one week before your scheduled start date with no penalty.  Full payments run on the 3rd of the month in which you are registered. 

Do I need to sign up for the whole week?  

Our program is designed as a week-long event, but daily options can be available. While campers can have a great time coming to just a day of camp, our program is designed to be at least one week long.

Will you offer extended care?

We will have limited extended care options.  Our recreation and team classes are running at 4:30pm each day, so to avoid major traffic we will limit extended care to 50 campers each day.

What should my camper wear?

Comfortable athletic clothing and closed toed shoes!  They do not need to wear a leotard, but they may if they prefer.

Can another caregiver pick up my child? What if we carpool?

We love carpooling! Our parking lot gets full fast, so we encourage carpooling. All guardians picking up children need to be on the authorized pickup list and must come with a photo ID. We will not release children to guardians who are not on this list. We will release instructions to add authorized pickups as we get closer to summer.

Who is watching my child? How do you hire staff?

Staff hiring and training are what make a great camp, so we work hard in both of these areas. All of our counselors are at least 15 and have previous experience working with children. We have a rigorous application process, which includes a written application, a thorough two-part interview, written and telephone references, and a criminal background check. We have extensive staff training prior to the start of our camp season where staff learns how to work with kids in a safe, fun, and professional way. All of our counselors are certified in C.P.R. and first aid. We will have 12 Counselors, four Area Leads, a lead Program Coordinator, a Camp Manager, a Camp Nurse, a Media Coordinator, and a department leader.

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