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Meet The Team

Anna Santiago - Founder & CEO

Anna Santiago is an intrepid entrepreneur and self-starter with over 25 years of experience in executive level management and leadership development. Anna is a visionary leader who runs one of the largest youth sports centers in the southeast. She started Intown Stars in 2013 by teaching gymnastics classes to her friends’ children in a tiny Sunday School room in a neighborhood church. Intown Stars now boasts over 3,000 children per week with over 100 employees. In 2020 Intown Stars was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America. It is listed as #1,236 out of 250,000 entries.What sets Anna apart is her heart-centered leadership approach, engaging stakeholders and employees in a joint mission to build community, build wealth and build leaders. She believes that entrepreneurial success is driven by trust; and building trust is a long game of bold marketing strategies, disciplined structure of internal processes, radical candor, open book management, and transparency, with clear, pro-active communication from the top.Driven by mission and guided by numbers, Anna has an intuitive sense for business and an impulsive curiosity about growth – both professional and personal. Over 25 years of learning tough lessons, through hiring, firing and inspiring staff has made her highly attuned to attracting the best employees to advance Intown Stars' mission. She believes that setting bold and specific goals and empowering her leadership team to set the unwavering intention to meet those goals makes her business thrive.Quirky, bold, intelligent, and fair, Anna has the drive and focus to build programming that is good for the community and for business. The mission of Intown Stars is "Kids Like it Here". Anna's favorite moments at work are children being dragged out of the gym by their parents, crying and begging to stay. As long as that happens, Anna keeps Intown Stars growing and being a leader in the youth sports industry.

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