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We are so excited to introduce our new Dance program at Intown Stars! Dance is an art that utilizes the body as a craft for expression. Dancers become versatile movers understanding spatial awareness, gaining internal muscle connections, learning new directional pathways, building musical understanding, gaining the ability to remember movement patterns of choreographies, building muscle, and using it all as a way to explore the inner expressions of thoughts. Expression through movement gives the body a different approach to learning how to communicate with others and understanding specific dance styles. At Intown Stars we offer Parent and Me Dance (2-3), Ballet (4-9), Creative Movement (4-9), Modern (5-9), Jazz styles (5-9), and Break Dance classes (12+).


It's a Dance Party...literally!

Find the Right Dance Classes for You

If you would like to be evaluated for dance, please email to be directed to the correct person.

*Our classes run congruent with the school year August through May.

*A student may enroll in a class at any time during the year.


*If a class is full, add yourself to the waitlist. We will reach out to you via email as soon as a spot becomes available. 

*All classes are billed monthly on the 3rd of each month. Recreational classes are half off in December and May. Any late payments will incur a $25 late fee. 


*We offer a 10% sibling discount on all of our classes. 
*An annual membership fee ("Anniversary Fee") is due when you sign up for your child's first class. It applies to the entire household for one year.


*Tuition includes one class per week from August through May.

Dance Classes

This class is a way for 4 year old's to gain foundational ballet vocabulary and movements. In this class you need no prior experience. Students will build coordination at the ballet barre learning cross lateral (cross body movements) and homolateral (same side body movements)  movements as well as learning how to balance. Students will also utilize the center space of the studio to learn basic ballet positions and French terms for directions. In preparation ballet  jumps are learned to show how to move across the floor and build muscle in the feet/ ankles.


Beginner Ballet is a way for young aspiring dancers to begin building dance vocabulary and beginner movements at barre and center. No previous dance experience required. At the barre students begin learning basic vocabularies (in French) that teaches them to utilize muscular strength, balance, and learning expression. During center dancers learn the basic ballet positions, including jumps and turns. Students learn the difference between allegro (fast movements) and adagio (slow movements). Overall students are building the foundations of ballet strengths preparing for advanced ballets such as pointe or artistry.


Now, kids as young as 2 can enroll in dance classes with our new offering, Parent & Me! Structured in a way to encourage expressive movement, we can’t wait to help you create adorable moments.


This class requires no dance experience. Creative movement teaches beginner choreography and teaches the concepts of somatic practice. Somatic practice in this class asks the student's body to move without thinking through the thought of movement. In this class young dancers will learn how to build movement patterns, rhythmic structures, and practice memorization skills of motor patterns. During the class dancers will learn how to utilize speed, levels, direction, and learn how to share what they have created to the class. Dancers will be asked to follow different rhythmic suggestions based on sounds, sites, or emotions.


No experience needed. Dancers in beginner modern learn the most basic vocabulary from different modern dance styles. This will include floor work by Graham; using the core to initiate movement and build strength. Body isolations by Horton; using standing lateral movements to work the core, legs, arms and back. Center work is utilized through Limon; learning how to spiral in and out of the floor. As well as being able to use the body to rise in arching pathways using the solar plexus as taught by Duncan. Modern dance is taught by combining codified movement patterns of different companies to create well rounded dancers, who can be versatile.

In this beginner Jazz style dancers will need no prior experience in dance. Here dancers will learn how to soulfully express themselves. Dancers will learn how to isolate movements in different body areas (such as the head, shoulders, torso, feet). Dancers will learn the different stylistic practices of walks taught by Dunham and Fosse. They will also learn how to jump in different rhythmic and directional patterns. Students are also building muscular awareness as well as spatial awareness while traveling in combinations. Students are gaining knowledge of stylization through musicality and musical interpretation expressively.


Students ages 12 and up will love this energetic style of dance characterized by acrobatic and athletic movements.


Dance Camps


Intown Stars School’s Out Camps for the school year 2022/23 are now available! We are SO EXCITED to be in our gorgeous new home and we have created some fun new camps for the kiddos to enjoy the space. We will of course offer our hugely popular, awesome gymnastics camp that has been a part of our community for ten years! But now Intown Stars is offering PARKOUR, DANCE AND ART camps! Parkour now has four times the amount of space to host a Parkour-only, ninja-style, action-packed camp for all ages! Our beautiful, professionally designed Dance studio will host all the kids from the littlest ballerinas to the biggest hip-hop, rock stars of Intown Atlanta. Let the kiddos get their hands on some amazing crafts and art projects in our giant new Art studio! Kids get to choose from Gymnastics, Parkour, Dance, or Art camps whenever school is out. 


The best part about our new location is that our campers will have two, beautiful outdoor fields to run around and wear themselves out in any season. 


Fall break, teacher workdays, and winter break camps are all  OPEN for registration. Sign up NOW! 

Dance Camps

Dance Parties!

We're thrilled to be able to host your birthday kid's party, and will do whatever we can to make it a memorable, super fun time!
Please email if you have any questions before the big day. 

Our party package includes an age appropriate class taught by one of our professional coaches, lots of time for free play, and a place for your party-goers to enjoy cake and refreshments. 


Birthday parties at Intown Stars are the perfect way to celebrate your little one’s big day in an active and fun environment that your child will remember for years to come.

Children of all ages are welcome.  Intown Stars’ facility is complete with everything needed for a fun and memorable gymnastics experience. Our party packages include a fun gymnastics class, lots of free play, and a place for your party-goers to enjoy cake and refreshments. 
We have party packages for every family's schedule: you want to have a Basic Party Package, or stay carefree have everything take care of by our wonderful staff who would love to take care of all the decorations, food, and gifts-- it's up to you!  Let us know what works best for your family!

Dance Parties
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