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Summer Jobs!

Welcome to a summer of flips, fun, and friendship! Working a summer at Intown Stars will be hours of fun and excitement, but it will also be a summer of growth for you. Camp can be the most fun job you’ve ever had–and one of the most challenging at the same time. While you put in long hours, you’ll play a thousand games, facilitate camper interactions, put on silly skits, and form strong friendships with campers and our camp staff. Come be a part of our amazing team!

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Best Summer of Your Life!

Intown Stars Summer Camp focuses on free active and creative play. Our focus is on helping campers build social and emotional skills. We hope to lay the foundation for campers to be emotionally whole and teach campers how to build healthy relationships.


A summer of growth isn’t just for campers–we want our staff to grow as well. For this purpose, we hire staff for the entire summer season. We want our staff to come away from this summer better prepared to handle kid interactions, and staff conflicts, and learn the leadership skills that will prepare them for their future careers.


Camp Schedule

Camp Sessions

Dates: May 30th - July 28th

Days: Monday - Friday

Times: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Staff Training

We will have staff training on May 22 - 27.  The training will be held from 4pm - 8pm and will be a paid training. 


Days off

All Weekends, May 29th, June 19th, and July 4th.

We expect that our staff can work at least 8 of the 9 weeks of summer. Check out the dates in the table to the right.

Dates of Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work part of the summer?
We are looking for applicants that can be a part of the entire summer experience. We want to work with staff to grow in their development and have them learn how to work with kids. In rare instances, we are able to make exceptions, but we encourage staff to assume you will be working all summer long. We are looking for stafff that can work at a minimum 8/9 weeks of the summer.


Can I apply if I turn 15 in the middle of summer?

You must be 15 by the time the summer season starts. We offer an amazing Counselor in Training experience for our teens. All counselors in training that pass our course will be eligible to work at Intown Stars upon completion of the course. 


What do we do all day?

Check out our camp page for a look at the daily schedule! We will have a ton of free play in different activities and in the afternoon we will have big group play with the entire camp.

If you have any further questions contact:

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