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Lil’ Dipper

240 sf 
$200/day (up to 12 hours)

Perfect for a day of meetings, a private therapy space, or a place to work quietly a few days a week, Lil' Dipper is our most affordable studio. Complete with a conference table and 8 comfortable chairs, large whiteboard for planning and brainstorming, and high-speed internet. 


780 sf w kitchen

$500/day (up to 12 hours)


Orion is our middle studio filled with bright, natural light. It has a full kitchen, wine fridge, and kitchen supplies, ideal for a small event or banquet. It can be paired at a discount with Big Dipper as a convenient option to host an event with a separate area for drinks, food, and catering. 


830 sf
$400/day (up to 12 hours)

Polaris is our gorgeous, light-filled corner studio that would be perfect for group classes, meetings, or a small party or event. 

Big Dipper

1700 sf
$600/day (up to 12 hours)

Big Dipper is our largest studio, filled with bright, natural light, a mirrored wall, and a state-of-the-art sound system. Perfect for large group classes and events, Big Dipper can be connected to its little brother, Orion, to host large events and banquets.